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The Department of Housing and Residential Education is committed to creating and sustaining an environment that encourages academic success and personal growth. The Department’s staff members and student organizations focus on creating and developing educational programs, activities, and community service opportunities that promote academic success and educate students outside of the classroom.


Housing and Residential Education Mission Statement

Residential Education compliments the scholarship of the classroom and provides opportunities of learning and growth through educational programs, activities, and service in student residence. Our mission is to create and continuously develop a student-centered, academically supportive residential environment with primary focuses on four tenets: Intellectual Engagement,CitizenshipPluralistic Community, and Personal Growth.

Intellectual Engagement
Support academic success through educational programs, interaction with faculty and staff, informal learning opportunities, and cultural discussions and activities.

Design educational programs that will enhance students’ leadership skills and emphasize the importance of citizenship. Provide educational opportunities that promote an understanding of the world and current events.

Pluralistic Community
Continuously develop a community where all students feel included and free to engage in open dialogues about culture, current events, and differing opinions. Implement social activities that are inclusive and promote a sense of community. Providing opportunities to showcase and celebrate differences.

Personal Growth
Support student personal growth through the development of educational programs, activities and service opportunities by assessing behavioral trends and needs of the community.