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The Purdue University Calumet Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 2008 with the induction of longtime athletic director and supporter John Friend.

The Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and prestige of Purdue University Calumet in the field of athletics and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics.

Individuals are recognized in four areas, Administrator, Athlete, Coach and Meritorious Service. Each inductee must have attended Purdue Calumet or have served the athletic department in an exceptional way.

Hall of Fame
NameTypeSportYear Inducted
John FriendAdministratorAthletic Director2007-08
1995-96 Women's BasketballTeamWomen's Basketball2008-09
Ed BlackmonAthleteMen's Basketball2009-10
Lee Ann DeYoungAthleteWomen's Basketball/Volleyball2009-10
Bob HayesAdministratorAthletic Director2009-10
Larry LiddleCoachMen's Basketball2009-10
Rod WeingartAthleteMen's Soccer2009-10
Matt BlowerAthleteMen's Basketball2010-11
Rita HarperAthleteWomen's Basketball2010-11
Jaime MuskinAthleteWomen's Basketball/Volleyball2010-11
Dan PennAthleteMen's Basketball2010-11
Lynn HeveziAthleteWomen's Basketball2011-12
Tony VermejanAthleteMen's Basketball2011-12
Tony GarveyAthleteMen's Basketball2012-13
Stacey ZurekCoachWomen's Basketball/Volleyball2013-14
Frank CarrollCoachMen's Soccer2014-15
Sandy Love-ToddAthleteWomen's Basketball2015-16
Scott SparksAthleteMen's Basketball2015-16
Hall of Fame Nominations

Submit a Nomination for the Athletic Hall of Fame

To nominate an individual for the Purdue University Calumet Athletic Hall of Fame please send supporting materials to Nicole Watkins via email ( Please provide as much information/statistics for the nominee as possible by August 1 of the academic year leading up to the induction.

All nominees must fit into four categories; Administrator, Athlete, Coach and Meritorious Service. Each nominee must have attended Purdue Calumet or have served the athletic department in an exeptional way for an extended period of time. The criteria below is used to evaluate each nominee.

  • Athlete: Career statistics; Conference, and national awards and honors; Exceptional leadership displayed both on and off the playing field; Continued support of Purdue University Calumet athletics.
  • Administrator: A lasting legacy of a progresive impact on the athletic department. 
  • Coach: Career record; Length of tenure; Awards and honors both for the coach, his/her student-athletes and the program; Positive and lasting impact on the program and the university.
  • Meritorious Service: Outstanding contributions towards Purdue Calumet athletics from individuals that do not fit any of the other three categories.